Vicky Dee, Vicky James, or Adele Rein was the star of William Rotsler's "The Girl With the Hungry Eyes" She was a prolific model in the 1960's. This section is dedicated to her work. Most of the material in this section can not be credited to Rotsler - but she is notable for those wishing to grok Rotsler's work.

February 1965

Model's Ball Bombs the Ban

Rotsler models Wendy Wyatt and Adele Rein

Photographer Jim Sullivan

September 1965

Adam's Eve Vicky Rein

Photographer Ron Vogel

Also included Ask Althea Currier column

Modern Man
Vol. 15 No. 9
March 1966

Vicky James - Doll of the Month

Appearing as Vicki James (She's credited as Vicki in the Table of Contents and Vicky in the pictorial)

Uncredited Photographer

Vol. 3 No. 13
December 1966

A Night Out With Vicki

Appearing as Vicki James

Uncredited Photographer